The Green Leaf
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Here are some games i have been working on lately. This means, that they still are under development, but already playable.

hey all are free to play, so feel free to try them out and have some fun.

The Green Leaf is a MUD which can be played with telnet or a mud client, an applet running in your browser and even with a mud client for mobile phones.

The Goblin and the Butterfly is a MMORPG with an open source 2D client and public domain artwork.

Hack'n Slash Online is a browser based dungeon crawler and MMORPG. Your browser must support JAVA to run the applet (client).

For questions, comments, suggestions use the games forums (on their website).

And some other, non game related stuff:

The home of LoLCode 1337, an esotheric programming language.

A shrine for Titus Prava Crus.

POCTB - Piper's Open Cobol Tool Box -  tools for Open Cobol

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