Holy Shrine
for the Memory of
Titus Prava Crus

Please rest a minute in silence, send a prayer to whoever you believe in and remember the ancient person named Titus Prava Crus, who did so much for our civilisation.

Thank you.


Titus Prava Crus, born before 343 AD in Rome, died 394 AD in Ostia (Roman Empire) was a roman Senator known for holding speeches at the Forum Romanum, which sometimes lasted for days, regardless if the people passing by were interested in his political opinion or not.

In the year 380 AD the Senate of Rome banned him from the Forum Romanum and sent him to exile to the harbour city of Ostia, where he  died in the year 394 AD.

His death is confirmed by a document found in the Secret Archives of the Vatican some years ago, mentioning that the house of  a Titus Prava Crus in Ostia is for sale now, because the owner has died.
The document is dated before 200 BC.

There is not much known about his political career or opinions, just because no one wanted to listen to his boring speeches.

So he might have been the first forum troll in history who got banned.

Unfinished statue of Titus Prava Crus
Unfinished statue of Titus Prava Crus


There is not much known about his family, his father was named Gaius Titus Flavius, his mother's name is unknown.

His father's name Gaius Titus Flavius might be a link to the ancient roman emperor Titus, to the ancient flavic roman dynasty, which might explain, why Titus Prava Crus became a senator.

No further reports exists about any brothers and sisters, or if he was married and had children.

There are no reports about any of his speeches, obviously, because no one found them interesting enough to write them down, or, even to remember them.

It looks like that there are no writings from him, which have survived until now, maybe all of his writings were destroyed after his death. Or a graceful flood in Ostia took them away for the better being of that.


None known


There was a famous roman song about a Titus riding on a donkey and blowing a pipe.


None known except Mrs. Haskells Cooking Book of Ancient European Reciepes mentioning a Titus from Ostia, who invented a Cucumber Sandwich with Garum and a few drops of Lemon Juice.


A 'Titus' is just another ancient word for a waste of time.

May he rest in peace.