Hack 'n Slash Online
V 0.118

Welcome to a multiplayer dungeon crawler with a semi-dynamical world!

* * * beta test * * *

Click in the applet to play / press F1 to toggle console mode in game

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To log out just close this website or click on the "Log off" button in game.

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Just point and click.
To go through a door or enter a cave, go close to the door or entrance or staircase, then click on it.

Type to chat, everything you type is then displayed in the yellow chat line.
Press ENTER key and the chat line will be send to the game server.

To talk to local chat, just type and press the ENTER key, everybody close to you on the same map can hear that.

To talk to the chat channel, type a dot '.' before your message, like ".hello :)"
Everybody who has joined this chat channel can read your message.

You can too type commands like #beam, #sto, #inv in the chat line.

Sending personal messages (PM):
Type /playername message, like /piper hello :)
This message can be only read by you and the other player.
This works with NPC's too.

Scrolling through the chat log:
Press F1 to enter console mode, then press PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN to scroll back and forth through the last 1000 lines of the chat log displayed at the top of the applet.
To leave the console mode and return to game mode, press F1 again.

*Using* items:
To *use* items in your inventory, like to eat bread, drink water or a potion, wear/unwear armor and weapons, click on the item in your inventory with the right mouse button (right click).
When it's edible, you will eat one unit of that item, when it's drinkable, you will drink one unit of that item, when it's wearable, you will try to wear it. Right clicking in the "wearing" boxes will unwear an item worn and put it back into your inventory.

Trading with other players:
To trade items with another player go close to that player, click on the button "Trade" and then on the player.
That player must confirm your trading request by clicking on you.
Then your inventory window and the trade window pop up and you can move items from your inventory into the trade window.
When you both are happy with the content of the trading window, click two times accept, the "Accept" button will change its color from red to yellow and finally from yellow to green and the trade is done.

Buying/Selling items to/from shops:
Go close to the shopholder NPC and click on it. Then the list of items which s/he will buy or sell is displayed.
To finally buy or sell, use the #buy or #sell commands.
#buy 1 knife
#sell 20 meat

When you are stuck:
When you are stuck and can't find your way out of something, maze, dungeon, forest, type #beam.
#beam teleports you back to Portal, the start map.

The game itself:
Create a character and go exploring and talk to NPC's by clicking on them and sending them personal messages.

You can kill creatures (and other players on PK(player kill) maps) by walking close to them and then clicking on them.

When a player get killed, newbie players respawn in Portal, the start map and keep all their items.
After they reached a given level, they will respawn in Underworld and must find the exit to Portal.
And they have a chance to drop some of the stuff in their inventory in a chest on the ground as a punishment.

You can pick up stuff from the ground, which is stored in small chests, by clicking on them and transferring the stuff into your inventory.

You can store your items in a storage and protect them this way. So you won't lose them, when you die.

There are some maps, cellars, meadows, forests, caves, where you can train fighting and get drops from the creatures you kill, like keys, armor, coins.
Killed creatures will respawn after a given time, so you can train forever.

There are a few dungeons in game you can enter.
Some are deep, others are not too deep, for example, the newbie dungeon has only 6 levels.
Creatures inside those dungeons don't respawn, when they were killed.
When all creatures inside one dungeon are killed, OR, the boss monster of that dungeon is killed, all players inside dungeons will get teleported back to the startmap (Portal) and the dungeon and the creatures inside will be re-generated again.
Right now there is no reward for finishing a dungeon except that you will get a new generated one.
Later there might be a top list of ppl who finished dungeons or killed boss monsters, or the boss monster might drop some nice stuff and such.
Inside the dungeons are doors.
You need keys to go through those doors.
Keys are a rare monster drop or you can buy them from the Key Shop in Portal.
To leave a dungeon, type #beam (because you can't leave it by going through a staircase).

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