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is a free MMORPG  with an open source 2D client

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TGatB is in beta stage, and might stay there for a longer time, since new stuff is added with every update. Download the client, compile it or run the precompiled client for Linux or Windows and connect to the game server and have a look.

          NEWS OF THE GAME           2015-02-25
o Bugfix (server crash) fixed concerning creatures who can cast spells
o More daily quests implemented

550 MB disk space, SDL libraries plus header files, C compiler (gcc or dev_cpp) to compile the client, if you can't use the precompiled ones.

The client and artwork are Public Domain, use it for whatever you might need it.
However, to play TGaTB with the client, there are some in game rules. Log on and type #rules or click here to read them and obey them please.


o 8 Skills available, attack, defense, magic, harvesting, manufacturing, alchemy, potion and summoning
o PK (Player Kill) maps are implemented
o Storage feature, deposit your items there to protect them
o Creatures in game, agressive and non agressive
o Armor and weapons available
o NPC's, stationary ones and moving ones
o Shops are implemented, buy and sell stuff
o Chat system, local chat, channel chat, personal messages
o In game mails for communicating with offline players
o Day and night feature, individual light setting for inside maps
o 2D open source client and public domain artwork
o In game online help
o Notes implemented, re-read informations NPC's gave you
o Newbie helpers, Moderators and Admins features implemented
o Limited resources with moving locations
o Quests to gain knowledge
o Daily quests, where you get assigned to some simple tasks to get a reward
o Scripted stories (run by the game server)
o Animations, players and some creatures/NPC's
o Choose your own alias, no need to use real names
o TAB shows an overview map of the map you are on
o F2 is the URL catcher and starts the browser with the last seen URL
o The game server is located in europe, no secret NSA backdoors in the server or client  Anyways, the traffic between the client and server can be spoofed by the NSA, but thats out of my hands to control/change that.

Do you want to help the game? There are a lot of things to do, like improving the artwork, working on the client, compiling it for windows or OSX and such. Try to contact Piper in game or post in forums / Development.

Download the client
The client is available here.  This includes the client's source code including a Makefile and a *.dev file for DEV-CPP, the needed artwork and maps plus two precompiled clients for Linux and Windows.

The precompiled Linux client is named tgatb.bin, Windows users can use tgatb.exe, which hopefully works on your Windows installation.

If the precompiled clients do not work on your installation, Windows users can try to use DEV-CPP and the file (project file) to compile the client for windows, Linux users could use the Makefile and type make to compile the client for their installation.

Again, as mentioned before, you need some SDL libraries and the header files installed to be able to compile the client.

Creating an account
Download the client and follow the instructions below (Play the game).

Play the game
You start playing the game by starting the client.

Linux users just start tgatb.bin by typing tgatb.bin in the tgatb folder, extracted from the downloaded tarball or zip file.

Windows users start tgatb.exe with a double click in that folder.

Then create a new character by typing "new" (without "", of course) as the account name and press the ENTER key.

Choose your name, password, race, gender and press ENTER again.

Right now you can't choose the color of pants, shirt, boots, hair and skin, because there is only one model available for all players, so just press ENTER after chosing name, password and such to proceed.

New players start on the Happy Newbie Island, in the Newbie School.

To move just click on the ground. You obviously can't move into rocks, walls, water and such.

There are some NPC's with informations about the game. Go to any NPC there and click on them to read what they have to tell you.

It is recommended to talk at least to Chatter to learn about the in game chat system, Walker to learn more about walking and Cons to know the console mode.

You can leave the Newbie School by clicking on the door and always come back and click on the NPC's again and read their informations, whenever you like.

And if you ever get stuck or lost in game, type #beam to return to the Happy Newbie Island.


          NEWS OF THE GAME           2014-02-09
o Client update, typing should be now more fluent
o One new map added
o Two new monsters added

          NEWS OF THE GAME           2013-12-06
o Summoning skill implemented
o Make window implemented, to make stuff and summon
o More dialogues for NPC's implemented instead of PM's
o Daily quests implemented
o Scrolls to gain knowledge implemented plus a scroll seller NPC
o Kicktimer implemented for quests/events, you can stay only a given period of time on some maps

                            NEWS OF THE GAME                                  2013-07-20
o Joker gives now hints and has fixed spawn points
o Raider hosts a Dungeon Raid contest
o Dialogues for NPC's implemented instead of PM's

                                                        NEWS OF THE GAME                                   2013-05-18
o bugfix for storage window
o "Get all" button in packet window
o map bugfix

                                                        NEWS OF THE GAME                                   2011-01-30
o new quests
o packets on the ground
o inventory window, packet window, storage
  window and trade window
o magic indicator
o some new secret maps
o death animation
o more scripted stories

                                                       NEWS OF THE GAME           2010-11-14
o new quests
o packets on the ground
o inventory window and packet window
o more magic items, buyable from a shop
  or/and monster drops
o magic indicator
o some new maps
o some new creatures

                                                      NEWS OF THE GAME           2010-09-26
o new quests
o URL catcher (now F2 key)
o simple Copy&Paste support (clipboard.txt, CTRL-c/CTRL-v)
o TAB map (shows an image of the whole map)
  and map walker (click on map to move)
o more magic items, buyable from a shop
  or/and monster drops
o some new maps
o some new creatures                 
                                                                NEWS OF THE GAME     2010-07-23                                    
o Character wipe (hopefully the last one ever)
o New next level xp tab implemented
o New animations and items
o Changed creature stats
o Changed some item stats
o Bugfixes

                                                            NEWS OF THE GAME                                          2010-07-13
o grue implemented
o smallscreen option in config file to support netbooks
  with smaller screens
o #smallscreen command to toggle screensize on the fly
o fixed the #notes command
o 10 new player models, male and female

                                               NEWS OF THE GAME                                                 2010-06-19
o more animations in game
o bug fixes including a nasty server bug
o artwork update

  NEWS OF THE GAME                                                      2010-05-29

o more animations in game
o bug fixes
o artwork update

  NEWS OF THE GAME                                                      2010-04-04

o first animations in game
o bug fixes
o first popup windows
o artwork update

         News of the game                           

o #attack command, toggles attack mode
o bug fixes
o Joker implemented, have fun hunting him
o Underworld implemented, with some ghosts
o New skill: Alchemy
o Quest engine implemented
o First quests to gain knowledge implemented

News of the game
o #born command - when your char was created
o first continent in game
o more NPC's
o level limit to enter PK maps
o bug fixes
o 3 new creatures, skeletons, male orcs and golems
o some creatures have now magic immunity and magic mirror
o some creatures heal themself
o more resources (automatically generated at server startup)
o Prophets implemented (NPC's talking to local chat)
o Heralds implemented (NPC's talking to local chat)

News of the game
o Jo's farm + farm animals implemented
o changed the keyboard handling, hopfully less delays now
o changed the attack/defense/damage of some creatures
o changed some stats of armors and weapons
o changed english keyboard layout
o implemented invasions (manually only)
o arrow keys can be used for walking now
o 5% chance to flee from combat, just try to walk away

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