Medieval town

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By playing this game you accept the rules and promise to obey them!

The Game RuleZ

1. Use common sense and behave yourself.

2. Do nothing which may cause trouble for the owner of the game.

3. Respect others and be polite to other players/moderators/gods.

4. Do not cheat, no macroing, no bots, no hacking. However MUD clients
      are allowed, unless they can be used to macro or act like a bot.
      Aliases, auto maps, simple triggers are o.k., automatism like the client
      is running your character for hours without interaction is not.

5. Do not spam. Spamming means filling up other players screens with
      senseless text like unreadable crap in local chat, channels or personal

6. Report bugs/typos and don't explot them. To report with a single line
      message, use the report command, for longer reports use the forum.

7. If in doubt about anything, use rule #1 and better don't do it.

Any breaking of this rules can, but must not be punished. Punishments reach
from a friendly reminder, time penalties up to being banned for life from
the game.