Medieval town

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The Green Leaf is a free to play MUD located in a mediveal town, based on a self developed game driver, written in C.

The game is in Beta stage, under development, and i think, it will stay there forever, since there will be always something to add, to modify, bugs to fix, expanding the world, whatever. If you want to help the game, suggest things, report bugs and so on, use the Forum and post there. Any suggestions are welcome!

The game is class free, do what you want, today a fighter, tomorrow a mage, overmorrow a trader, all up to you.

You can go exploring the world and talk to NPC's, sell and buy stuff from them or do quests.

There are server run contests like Treasure Hunt, Find the Leprechaun, Dungeon Raid, Last Man Standing.

A Trivia Bot plays a quiz game with players, bots with card games are future plans

So, what are you waiting for?

Join today, it's free!

telnet 2000
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or use any MUD client you like.

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